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We are not a government agency.

We are not a law firm.



Making Medicaid easier for all.

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Who do we help?

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Medicaid Applicants

Our goal is to assist applicants in exploring their choices and obtaining the necessary medical assistance.

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Family Caregivers

We offer accessible assistance, regardless of your location or realm of dwelling.

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Attorneys & Facilities

We specialize in assisting professionals to aid seniors and their families, among others.

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Client Reviews

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Medicaid Planning is opportunity to make a tough situation manageable”.

-Yizzy, Certified Medicaid Planner™️

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What do we do?

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We offer complimentary discovery calls to all our clients and have the convenience of online scheduling.

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Application Filing

Filing of Medicaid application, tracking case status and working with the state Medicaid agency.


We help renew Medicaid benefits and resolve ineligibility.

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Attorney Support

Crisis planning, pre-planning and client management.

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Asset Preservation

Preserving financial independence and strategizing out of pocket medical costs.

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Hearings & Appeals

Filing, scheduling and appearance.

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Facility Support

We become your Medicaid department to assist families, residents and staff.

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Ongoing Support

Support services to help you understand notices, make changes and much more!

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Tax Services

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Funeral Trust

Medicaid Compliant Annuities

Existing clients

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Medicaid Q& A

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Medicaid Q& A

Discuss your situation

Receive call notes

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Medicaid Q& A

Discuss your situation

Receive call notes

Customized Solutions Plan

Discounted Applicaton Fee

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21660 W Field Pkwy, Deer Park, IL 60010

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(866) 578-1828

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We are not a government agency or a law firm.